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“I have been to Uganda six times, lived there with the people, saw the grand opening of the school (AFSS), stayed in the seminary, and of course in this remote village of Adilang. I have seen young kids as they were dying from malaria and dysentery. I have seen the looks on the faces of mothers who lost their infants during childbirth. This is what brought me to dream of a clinic.”

These are the words of our longtime benefactor and board member, David Fagerlee, who is making his dream come true.

Mission Funds Help Archbishop Flynn School Meet Needs of Students in Uganda

LukeNews and Events

Archbishop Flynn Secondary School opened February 16, 2009 with a pioneer class of 34 students in one grade level. The current enrollment is 352 students in four grade levels. The planned capacity is 720 students in six grade levels, according to Desautels.

The Adunu Maleng Pa Yesu Society receives funds from The Society for the Propagation of the Faith to support the formation of pastoral agents, seminarians, religious, catechists, support diocesan pastoral programs, fund the maintenance and ongoing operating subsidies of Sacred Heart Seminary and fund the construction and ongoing operating subsidies of Archbishop Flynn Secondary School.


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Gilberto is one of six children raised by their widowed mother. She has worked as a peasant farmer to keep her family alive since her husband died in 2004. After finishing primary school in 2008, Gilberto was not able to continue in secondary school because his mother could not afford the fees. In 2010 he was given support by a non-governmental agency called War Child, which allowed for his first two years at AFSS. When those funds ceased, Monsignor Matthew recommended him for a Good Shepherd Scholarship for his remaining time at AFSS.