Sacred Heart Seminary embodies the spirit of hope for better tomorrows by providing a refuge for young men who want to follow God’s call to the priesthood. Like Beatrice and Walter, the students we introduced from AFSS in past issues, these seminarians have also been given a chance to experience life as a precious gift from God.  The following is a collective letter of appreciation written by eight of the current seminarians. You won’t have to read very long to know the depth of their gratitude, to know that they, too, have been touched by the love of strangers.

Dear Benefactors of Sacred Heart Seminary,

We send you greetings, love, and prayerful regards. Eight of us seminarians contributed to this letter of testimony, acknowledging your great love and support of us in our priestly education at Sacred Heart Seminary.

From the very first day we enrolled at the seminary, our beloved Rector, Msgr. Matthew Odong, made us aware of your support. Some of us come from very poor families, some as orphans, and others with only one parent. Paying tuition is a problem because of poverty. Then God in His love and mercy brought Msgr. to the United States, and into your paths.

This letter is a collective testimony of our recognition, appreciation, gratitude and assurance of our prayers for you.  We thank you as a body of seminarians and also individually.

“On behalf of all of my brothers, I thank God for the gift of our benefactors, who have been supporting us with their prayers and funding.” Okidi Derrick, S.6

Your love, care, prayers, and generosity made me what I am today for which I thank you.” Nyeko Emmanuel, S.4

“For sure, without your open hearts, my study and that of my fellow seminarians would have ended short as the tail of a rabbit because most of us are from poor families, financially crippled from the LRA war of over twenty years in Northern Uganda.  I am grateful to you because you made me partly achieve my goal, senior four, but I wish to continue and make it to priesthood.” Abola Emmanuel, S.4

“I thank our benefactors for the big sacrifices they have been making to give me a future.  May God bless you and answer to all your needs.” Oyet David Kigamba, S.4

“My words of appreciation to our benefactors for having helped us in our vocation to priesthood through our Rector, Msgr. Matthew, a man of God who is committed to our cause.” Ojok Thomas Obina, S.4

“My gratitude to our benefactors for their generosity which changed my life into a better seminarian.  As I was entering Sacred Heart Seminary in 2011, I had little hope of continuing with my studies because of financial constraints.  It was our Rector Msgr. Matthew who allowed us to study because of support from our benefactors.  I assure our friends and benefactors of my prayers.” Okello Innocent, S.4

“Dear Benefactors, without your assistance, our lives in Sacred Heart Seminary would not have been better. Thank you for supporting the needy seminarians.” Oloya Peter, S.4

“When I joined Sacred Heart Seminary in 2011, I had great fear that I would not complete the year in the seminary because of lack of funds to support my education.  Our benefactors, through our beloved Rector Msgr. Matthew Odong (a man with a big heart) sponsored my education.  I am very appreciative and grateful to our benefactors for their generosity and ask them to continue sharing their blessings with us to enable us to study to become priests.” Opiyo Charles, S.4

We pray that God may bless and keep you in the palm of His hand. Okidi Derrick, S.6 (On behalf of all seminarians)