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“I have been to Uganda six times, lived there with the people, saw the grand opening of the school (AFSS), stayed in the seminary, and of course in this remote village of Adilang.  I have seen young kids as they were dying from malaria and dysentery.  I have seen the looks on the faces of mothers who lost their infants during childbirth.  This is what brought me to dream of a clinic.”

These are the words of our longtime benefactor and board member, David Fagerlee, who is making his dream come true.  This coming summer a medical clinic will open in the remote village of Adilang to provide health care for people whose closest medical facility is three hours away.  David and his wife, Vicki, have personally funded the entire construction project, but not without the approval and enthusiastic support of Archbishop Odama, Monsignor Matthew, and the good people of Adilang.  Once it is completed, the clinic will be managed by the Archdiocese.  It is being built on church property next to the Catholic Church.

As Monsignor said earlier in this newsletter, the clinic will provide care for such things as malaria, diarrhea, hookworm, wounds, fever, snake bites, pregnant women in labor – all easily treatable, but potentially fatal without care.  Of the 32 beds, 12 will be devoted to mothers during pregnancy and childbirth, with midwives to help them.  They will have beds, cribs, indoor showers and toilets.  The other half of the clinic will be reserved for treatments, mostly children with malaria.  Often, the very young are required to stay in the clinic for IV’s because they are too young to take pills. There will be male and female wards with 6 beds each, and a children’s ward with 8 beds.  The clinic will be open 24 hours a day to accommodate those who require an overnight stay.  Ambulance service will be provided to larger hospitals when needed.

The focus of this Apostolate has always been to give hope to the people in Northern Uganda, first by breathing life back into a struggling seminary and offering support to the surrounding community as they lived and survived the horrors of war. Today Sacred Heart Seminary is thriving in its role of priestly formation.  Next we helped secure the nation’s

future through education for boys and girls, building and supporting what has become one of Uganda’s premier secondary schools.  Archbishop Flynn Secondary School is a flower that blooms because of your tender loving care.  And now we’ve been given a third dimension to the Apostolate – the foundation for the gift of healing.  The new medical clinic, named the David Fagerlee Medical Clinic by the Archbishop and Monsignor, will not only help those who need its services and will save countless lives, but will also put joy in the hearts of many who see it for what it truly is – Hope For Uganda.

We extend a special thanks to David and Vicki, and to all the loyal benefactors who, over the years, have made so many dreams come true.